Online Bingo – What’s Hot?

The CAP London event gave me a great chance to talk to online affiliate managers and find out what’s hot in the online world. It seems there is no stopping online bingo and we can expect more new sites this year along with even more growth in this sector. It still amazes me how popular online bingo has become and how it continues to grow each year.

Hot off the press here are the top 5 hottest games and offers from Virgin Bingo. Top of the list is the BOGOF offer. Of course this is the “buy one get one free” which relates to buying bingo cards. This has been a great success at Virgin Bingo and is there most popular offer.

Second on the list is their “Happy Hour” offer. This is a set time where all bingo cards are half price. Again this is also very popular. Third on the list is “Penny Bingo”. Remember people don’t just play bingo to gamble. Playing bingo online is also a very social activity and I guess the “Penny Bingo” offer proves this. This gives players the chance to play for next to nothing and chat with their friends. Recent research has proven the online chat of bingo rooms is a major draw for online bingo sites and many of the leading sites เว็บแทงบอล have built strong online communities.

OK back to our top 5 list and in 4th place is Spinning Pots. Spinning Pots are Full House games with prizes varying from £50 to £5,000 depending on what number of calls the Full House lands on. There are a total of 8 Spinning Pots games a day at Virgin Bingo. Obviously the draw to these games is the bigger prize pools.

5th in our list is The riddler. This is where the chat manager posts a riddle in the chat room and the first player to answer the riddle correctly will win bonus points. A different riddle is run every 15 minutes during the night.

One great thing about Virgin is that they offer you 10 free cards when you sign up so you can test the software and the online bingo experience without and risk to your own cash. Virgin is still developing it online gaming brand but already has built a superb online bingo community.

Now I’m not saying that Virgin is the biggest or indeed the best online bingo site but it does seem to be doing a lot of things in the right manner and I tip them to increase their market share this year and perhaps for years to come. We should all know by now that anything Mr Branson does he does well and it most cases makes it one of the brand leaders.